Kirthiga Reddy


Causes that I am deeply passionate about and some of the bold founders leading the change. 


Teach for India

An excellent education for every child in India is Teach for India’s goal. Founded in 2009 by Shaheen Mistri, Teach for India is a non-profit organization providing quality education to children from disadvantaged sections through their Fellowship program and Alumni movement, constantly working to create and nurture  budding leaders.  

Teach for India US Board Chair: Ruchi Mehta 

My Role: Advisory Board, Teach for India US  

Ballet & Beyond NYC

Ballet & Beyond helps New York City kids realize their dreams of learning professional ballet by resolving two of the biggest barriers children from low-income families face, cost and travel. Partnering with NGOs and existing after-school programs to bring ballet lessons to locations the children usually visit, making it affordable and accessible for all.   

Ballet & Beyond NYC ED: Michelle Cave 

My Role: Board Member, 2017 – 2020 

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

INK Global

INK helps turn ideas into reality, driving innovation and change by providing a platform for exchanging ideas. With its fellowship programs, events, and conferences, INK bridges the gap between different economies, cultures, and thinkers, building a community of go-getters.

INK Founder: Lakshmi Pratrury | INK Global ED: Geetika Tewari 

My Role: Advisory Board Member    


Olympic Gold Quest

For overall development and success of Indian athletes, Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone built the OGQ. To provide 24×7 support of physiotherapists, dietitians, mental trainers, coaches, injury management experts, and logistic managers for the athletes, boosting their performance and helping the country bag more medals at every Olympics.   

WITI Founder: Anuranjita Kumar 

My Role: Advisory Board Member 


Women in Tech India

WiTI is a forum to bring together and empower women to lead innovations in the technology sector. Often termed a man’s world, the technology sector has very few women in the forefront; WiTI looks to change by providing more opportunities for women and fostering an inclusive corporate environment.  

WITI Founder: Anuranjita Kumar 

My Role: Advisory Board Member 

Champion women 

Champion women facilitate women’s emotional, physical, and social empowerment to tackle the workforce gender gap in India. By providing life-leadership coaching and training sessions to women, Champion women equip them with strong interpersonal communication skills, professional management skills and helps them build a self-identity.

Champion Women Founder: Ranjini Manian 

My Role: Advisory Board Member  


A foundation built by women passionate about their success and of those around them: Neythri is a global community of South Asian professional women made to enable conversation, provide professional insights, cultivate leadership, inspire and address problems specific to South Asian women.   

Founders: Mythili Sankaran, Chitra Nayak, Sruthi Ramaswami 

My Role: Founding Circle