Kirthiga Reddy


This coaching session is designed for executives (women, men, non-binary). The topics could include how to align their work with their values and purposes, defining a bold work-life vision, career transition, board roles, portfolio careers, reinvention, cross-border moves, building high-growth and sustainable business – as in valuable to you.

Kirthiga’s coaching style is inspired by the warmth of a cocoon that transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly. This is reflected in the artwork of the digital good.


Buying the digital good gives you access to Kirthiga Reddy’s Calendy link which enables you to schedule a time at mutual aconvenience.


By accessing the coaching session, the coachee agrees to abide by all the terms and condition listed below:

  • Any individual (women, men, non-binary) over the age of 18 years of age is eligible to buy the digital good and access Kirhiga’s Calendy to schedule time. Entries of people below the age of 18 years will be rejected without recourse or refund of the digital good.
  • Digital good once bought cannot be returned and consequently, no request for refund will be entertained.
  • Entries submitted by any other means will not be accepted: only those submitted via the official method of entry will be accepted. Any illegible, incomplete, or fraudulent entries will be rejected.
  • The 1:1 coaching session with Kirthiga is confidential and participants are legally bound to keep the issues discussed confidential. Participants shall not reveal or disclose the coaching session material or discussions without the prior written consent of Kirthiga.
  • Participants shall refrain from using unparliamentary words or any derogatory language during the coaching session, which extends to gestures too. Coaching session for participants found to violating any terms will be terminated without recourse.
  • Kirthiga reserves the right to withdraw or discontinue the coaching session at any stage and/or change the terms and conditions applicable to the coaching session for any reason whatsoever at any time and Kirthiga shall bear no responsibility or liability for cancellation or postponement of the said coaching session or any change to the terms and conditions applicable to the coaching session.
  • While participating in the coaching session, if you share any data (including personal data and/or sensitive personal data or information) or if Kirthiga or her partners / service providers have access to such data, you consent that Kirthiga and her partners / service providers (and their sub-contractors) can use such data for all direct and indirect purposes in relation to the coaching session. Your names and other personal details from your entry to the coaching session will be collected and stored by Kirthiga and her partners / service providers (including those overseas) and held in accordance with the applicable privacy policy in place from time to time.
  • The Participant agrees to fully indemnify, defend and hold harmless Kirthiga and her partners / service providers, employees, directors and representatives from any losses, claims, damages, liabilities, judgments, awards, decrees, settlements or expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs) arising from, connected with or by reason of any breach or alleged breach of these terms and conditions.
  • Kirthiga accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by the participant as a result of entering and participating in the coaching session.

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